Here is some feedback from some of the best fans that anyone could ever ask for.
Thank you all for your great words of encouragement. You guys and gals ROCK!!!.
Tony Sidito

Tony Sidito testimonials

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Donna Oswald – AWESOME!

Bryan Steel Curtain Warsaw – English Teacher at Brentwood Union Free School District – Simply stated…Tony rocks!

Anthony Bellino – Tony is an amazing person and an equally amazing musician! Check him out – you won’t leave disappointed.

Andrea Rippe-Chester – Hair Stylist – He is a great musician, fun to watch.

Phyllisa Lacy Fleming-Bender – Buffalo State College – I go to see his shows whenever I can. He’s a pleasure to watch. He’s a great musician, funny and can always get the crowd to join in. He’s a real professional and I would recommend him for anyone’s party or event.

Heinrich Beck -Tony is a great musician who really knows how to draw a crowd and work the room. His shows are lively and entertaining, and I always bring a friend (or three) to see him perform. I tend to vote with my feet, and my feet usually take me to one of his shows.

Joe Luongo -Tony Sidito is the consummate professional. Always a great show. You will want to see him again and again.

Joe Irizarry Jr – If you want to see a good show and have a Great time go see Tony!

Joan Brunzel Marra – I would recommend Tony in a heartbeat! He is a grand musician. He has an uncanny knack of knowing what the audience wants! You see people singing, dancing, and swaying with the music! If he plays for you, you will not be disappointed.

Phil Rizzuto · Attorney at Philip J. Rizzuto P.C. Attorneys At Law – I’ve know Anthony for almost 25 years. Great Performer & Great Person! Always look forward to seeing him!

Tara Armanno-Wolin • – Awesome! Get’s you up and dancing!

Lisa Bellino – Puts on a wonderful show!

Jim Wilkom – CEO at ALLSTATE CARBURETOR – Fabulous entertainment…Singing and playing the 70’s, 80’s and today’s music. He takes you back in time.

Irene O’Connell – Tony is a consummate guitar player! He captivates his audience and keeps them wanting more….Top 40s, and Oldies he does it all…You will NOT be disappointed! Great Music, Fun Times!

Doug Gordon – Musician – Very talented musician! – Keep pluggin’ away!

Christina Makrinikolas-Cidoni – Branford Hall Career Institute – Every time I have a blast…Awesome musician that knows how to get the party started!

Thomas Gavin – Oakdale, NY – Great Musician!

Cathy Asaro Amilibia – Tony definitely has what it takes to be a great friend, musician and entertainer. He is truly the epitome of the word “Entertainer” Tony is full of life and is the life of any party. We love you Tony, you rock and Good luck!

Wayne Alford – Phoenix University – Tony is great and very reliable. I could always count on Tony.